Lazy? Exactly How lazy?

According to the BBC, a report commissioned by Tesco has shown UK youngsters to be amongst the most lazy in the world. Now while that doesn’t surprise me, what is annoying is the opening paragraph of the BBC’s report:

The survey found UK children spend an average of 9.4 hours a week playing computer games or watching TV, but less than one hour a day being active.

On the face of it you are hit by two figures of 9.4 hours and 1 hour. Quite a difference until you realise that one is per week and the other per day. To be fair we need to normalise these figures to either: 9.4 hours per week playing computer games as compared to less than 7 hours per week being active, or 1 hour 21 minutes (non-active) versus less than 1 hour active. Doesn’t look such a huge difference anymore does it?

The BBC is supposed to be reporting this impartially, but they have given undue emphasis to the time spent playing computer games or watching TV, no doubt in the interest of sensationalism.

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