Experian Cash in on Child Benefit Data Scare

Nice to see that Experian haven’t wasted any time in exploiting the current scare due to HMRC’s Child Benefit Data SNAFU. Entering ’25 million’ (or even just ‘million’ into Google, gets you an advert for Experian’s credit checking service, offering to ‘check that your Child Benefit data isn’t being used for fraudulent purposes’.

Experian Advert on Google

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DEANJanuary 21st, 2008 at 19:17
Using Internet Explorer Internet Explorer 7.0 on Windows Windows XP

I was a ” member” of Experian for a couple of years – I joined ONLINE.
The Data held on me ( and my family and previous address and so on)was pretty sparse – and out of date.
The thing that cheesed me off – was when I tried to let them know the info was incorrect ( or more pointedly change the details in MY ACCOUNT)- I had to WRITE to them!!! So…the details I originally gave ONLINE are fine…but if I choose to change them ( on their SECURE site)…this is a no no apparently.
This annoyed me so much….I decided to not bother with their “services”…..to which I had the WRITE to them!!!
Not to be put off by using this ancient method – I did actually uses stamp . But what a palaver.

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