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Tom Tom Traffic

May 3rd, 2007 No comments

When I first got my TomTom Go 500, I tried the 1 month free traffic trial and found it to be next to useless, failing to warn of two major traffic jams. I later changed phone to a Sony Ericsson k750i which fails to provide wireless data for the TomTom (it worked OK with my Powerbook and Palm T|X).

Now that I’ve got a new phone which provides wireless data again, I decided to try the traffic function again. Unfortunately, the system remembers that I’d used my free trial, so I had to pay €39.

1st May

The first thing that showed up was ‘lane closed at Blackrod – delay 0 min’. Now there have been roadworks on the A6 at Blackrod since mid-March, but they finished last week. I presume this is still showing because they’ve got some roadworks data which is out of date.
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A Useful Address

May 3rd, 2007 No comments

Ever filled in a form on a website where they insist that you provide your postal address, but you’re thinking “what the hell do you want that for? It’s not needed and it’s none of your business”?

You could always use:

23/24 Leinster Gardens
W2 3AN

What’s special about this address? Take a look.

If you need a phone number, try here.

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