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Need a small Acrylic Sheet?

Acrylic SheetI’ve been cutting our old shed down to make a playhouse for our children. The new front has a small window, so for safety I wanted to use Perspex, or to use its generic name, acrylic sheet. Wickes wanted 15 quid for a 2mm thick sheet 1220×600 but I only needed something 420 x 385 and they don’t do anything smaller. 2mm was also a bit thin; B&Q do a 4mm thick sheet but for 24 quid. Screwfix, as ever, were cheaper (half the price) but you need to buy five sheets – fine if you’re building these for a living but not for a one-off.

I then turned to ebay, and found several sellers offering smaller sheets around the A4/A3 size. I found one selling a sheet 500×500 – almost perfect. The listing even mentioned cut-to-size and included an email address so I fired off a quick email and they quoted me a 3mm cut-to-size piece delivered (to my work address for convenience) for £2.69 + £3.50 delivery.

So if you are after a piece of acrylic (or other plastic material), I can recommend Retail Engineering Design Limited.

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