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Pairing iPhone 4 and TomTom Go 500

September 10th, 2010 2 comments

iPhone TomTom BluetoothI get a lot of search engine hits on a previous post about pairing the iPhone 3G with the TomTom Go 500, so this is just a quick blog post to confirm that the iPhone 4 (iOS4.1) also pairs with the TomTom Go 500.

iPhone 3G Pairing with TomTom GO 500

March 12th, 2009 2 comments

iPhone TomTom BluetoothIf you’re looking to buy an iPhone and wondering whether it will pair up on Bluetooth with your TomTom GPS, I can confirm that my iPhone 3G pairs successfully with my TomTom GO 500. The firmware versions are: iPhone 3G (v2.2.1 (5H11)) and TomTom GO 500 (v7.903).

It actually pairs up better than my Nokia 6300 which, as noted in a previous post, fails to properly import the phone book into the TomTom, choosing only to offer one number per contact. By contrast, the iPhone clearly tags each number with work, home, mobile.

I also now have names and numbers of incoming callers showing again on the TomTom. Since switching from my SE k750i to the Nokia 6300, I had lost this, as the Nokia did not pass any information to the TomTom about the incoming call.

Bluetooth PAN Kills Network Connection

May 11th, 2007 No comments

My iMac lost its network connection this morning. The system.log was full of these:

May 11 10:54:11 iMac configd[48]: bootp_session_transmit: bpf_write(en2) failed: No buffer space available (55)
May 11 10:54:11 iMac configd[48]: DHCP en2: INIT transmit failed

which is odd, because the iMac only has two ethernet interfaces: en0 (wired) and en1 (wireless), so what is en2?

It seems that 10.4.9 introduced something called ‘Bluetooth PAN‘ and when I paired up my new Nokia 6300, OS X enabled this. Unfortunately, it is this which causes the DHCP issue shown in system.log.

The solution (thanks to Jonas Salling’s comment on Justin Williams’ Blog) is to disable Bluetooth PAN in system preferences.

System Preferences
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