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Royal Mail – Again!

September 8th, 2004 Leave a comment Go to comments

Royal MailOrder from photobox.co.uk sent by Royal Mail ‘First Class’ on Monday afternoon.

It was daft to expect it on Tuesday I suppose, but it’s still not arrived today (Wednesday).

Royal Mail shouldn’t be allowed to call their service ‘First Class’ – I’m sure it contravenes the Trades Description Act.

UPDATE: it is now Thursday and still no sign.

UPDATE: Friday, and still no photos. This means that if they actually do turn up on Monday, it’ll be a week for supposed ‘First Class’ – watch this space.
Royal Mail are you listening? – You do not deserve to run a monopoly.

UPDATE: Not surprisingly, the photos didn’t arrive on Monday. I emailed Photobox, who apologised, and said they would reprint the order and despatch the same day.
Photobox shouldn’t have to apologise for Royal Mail. The reprinted order arrived today (Wednesday). The original order still hasn’t shown up.

Top marks for Photobox.
Minus 100 for Royal Mail.

UPDATE: The original order finally arrived on 1st October, almost a month late!

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