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CDs cheaper than Downloads

September 9th, 2007 3 comments

CDs cheaper than Download?I went looking on iTunes for an old album I used to have on tape, and sure enough – there it was for £7.90. Hmmm a bit pricey, so I looked on and there it was for only £4.99.

So for almost three quid less, you get:

  • a real CD in a case with professionally printed cover notes. For iTunes, add the cost of a case, CD and printer ink;
  • no crippling DRM;
  • full bitrate recording instead of high compression;
  • you can still rip the CD onto your iPod;
  • if you get fed up of it (or wasn’t to your taste) you can still sell it on.

Most CDs are available from and for around £7.99, so even at that price it’s still better to get the CD.

So what, apart from satisfying your impatience, is the attraction of downloading music?

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