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Breathe Life into Old Computers

November 29th, 2005 No comments

Here’s an interesting article about using Damn Small Linux on an old laptop.

Not tried it yet but will soon.

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November 28th, 2005 No comments

Just checked and all my websites have come back.

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November 28th, 2005 No comments

After further digging, it appears that this problem is a network issue:

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November 27th, 2005 No comments

Today on’s website is the following:

Our Web site as well as our system will undergo a scheduled maintenace [sic] at 11.00 UTC on November, 27th. It will take approximately two (2) hours. Your domains will be resolvable as usual.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Your team

So, I don’t know whether anything went wrong but none of the domains I have registered with will resolve to URLs to which they are forwarded. It looks like none of Joker’s servers are performing the URL forwarding.

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November 21st, 2005 No comments

As John Keats once wrote, it is the Season of Mists and Mellow Fruitfulness.

Yes, autumn is upon us, and today we had the first real spell of fog.

On the one hand you have the beauty of looking down from higher ground at the sun shining across the fog blanketing the lower lying ground, but on the other you have the idiots who don’t know how to drive in the fog.

I cannot believe the number of people driving with no lights at all. Are these people stupid?

At the other end of the scale you have the people who, at the slightest sign of mist, switch their rear fog lights on and dazzle all who follow, blotting out any hope of seeing their brake lights. Strangely, these people also tend to keep driving at 70-80mph on the motorway, presumably believing that by flicking that little switch they are protected, but resulting in a motorway pileup.

No doubt, on the drive home this evening, the fog will be gone, but these same drivers will still have their fog lights on from this morning.

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