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(Note that I haven’t updated this list in a while)
This is a list of software I find useful:

Apple LogoMac Stuff

Audio Hijack Pro

An excellent piece of software which allows you to record the audio output of any application, which means you can record BBC Listen Again programs for listening to on your iPod, although most of the BBC’s radio programmes are now available on podcasts.

Cyberduck ftp

Open source ftp client that also supports sftp.

Reunion 9

Genealogy Database with an excellent support forum.


Ebay Listing Utility.

What Size

Useful utility for browsing your hard drives showing space used. Unfortunately, no longer free.

PagePacker 1.1

Great little program for creating a pocketable set of pages from documents already on your Mac.

Windows LogoPC (Windows) Stuff

DVD Profiler

An excellent program to keep a record of my DVDs. One of the features is that you can upload your collection to their server.


Prevent the installation of spyware and other potentially unwanted software.

AVG Free Anti-Virus

You need anti-virus. Why not use a free version.


The ability to create PDFs is built right into Mac OS X, but Windows users normally have to shell out for Adobe Acrobat. CutePDFWriter is a free version. Note, you’ll also need a Postscript converter, but Ghostscript is available on the same site.


BBC iPlayer (and Channel 4’s 4od and Sky Anytime) all use a peer-to-peer application called Kontiki to share the programmes you’ve downloaded, but Kontiki carries on hammering your upload bandwidth after you close the apps. Enter BeebAnd4Monitor. This monitors the apps and automatically kills Kontiki when they exit.

Safari LogoWeb Stuff

WordPress Blog

It’s the blog you’re reading now.

Akismet Blog Spam Filter

Automatically checks your blog comments against a constantly updated blacklist and marks them as spam. Highly recommended.

Chris Pederick’s Web Developer Extension for Firefox

Very useful for picking apart the CSS on other people’s sites or playing about with your own CSS.

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