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Monty Python Interview found from 1975

March 27th, 2006 No comments

Take a look here for an interview unearthed from 1975 on American TV.

Just need someone to teach Jesse Thorne how to pronounce python.

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How free is a free holiday?

March 7th, 2006 339 comments

My wife got a phone call today (from 01268 555095), saying that because she had answered a questionnaire in Bolton, she had won first prize in a draw – a seven night luxury 5-star holiday to a European resort (Costa del Sol, Canary Islands, Portugal or the Balearics) in a ‘luxury’ self-catering apartment, flights included, but insurance would be required and there was also a GBP 34.50 admin fee payable per person on booking. The vouchers would also be valid for 18 months. Hmmm… since when does a 5-star holiday involve self-catering?

Being skeptical, she asked what the catch was, but was told “no catch”. “Isn’t this timeshare?”, “No it’s not timeshare”, a point that while truthful is not actually good – see later. All she had to do was ring GVC Travel on 0871 222 8028 quoting a reference number.

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How Many pics on a memory card

March 7th, 2006 No comments

SD CardI regularly get asked how many pictures can you fit on a (insert your own figure) MB flash card. As usual, the answer includes the word ‘depends’, but here is a useful little tool on Crucial’s website which works it out for you.

Update 1st Nov 2007

Crucial have for some reason removed that page and have now only got a static page listing tables.

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