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Royal Mail Tracking is Not Reliable

November 14th, 2008 No comments

Royal MailI was expecting a Royal Mail Special Delivery this morning after a supplier had yesterday emailed me the tracking number.

When I first checked this morning on Royal Mail’s website, it said that the package had reached the local delivery office and was out for delivery. Fair enough, however at 9:30, it claimed that the package had been delivered. Despite checking all possible locations (security, stores, reception) I could not find the package.

Not surprisingly, there was a very good reason: Royal Mail hadn’t yet delivered it. They finally turned up at 11:15, almost two hours after the website claimed it had been delivered.

What is the point of a tracking web page if someone is going to enter false information?

Late Post in Horwich

September 5th, 2008 No comments

We’ve just had our post delivered today at ten to five! It does not appear to be a one-off either as I remember seeing the postman at a similar time earlier this week.

This is simply not acceptable. How is it possible to act on and reply to items of post that have only been delivered at the ond of the day?

Royal Mail seem to be doing everything possible to ensure that they lose their monopoly on postal deliveries

Parcelforce Strikes Again

May 22nd, 2007 4 comments

Parcelforce = ParcelfarceMore problems with Parcelforce (aka Parcelfarce).

I ordered some stuff from the Nokia Shop on Monday 14th May. Unfortunately, they will only deliver to the cardholder address, so getting it shipped to work was not an option. Nokia’s website doesn’t specify the carrier, so I was disappointed to find a card through the door last Thursday from Parcelforce. Another card appeared on Friday, so we used Parcelforce’s website to book a redelivery. The website offered to retry on Saturday, so we accepted and it even gave a confirmation number.

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Wrongly charged for postage

October 2nd, 2006 No comments

Further to my post on Royal Mail’s new charges, my wife took a letter to the post office, but despite it being an A5 envelope, which fit through the slot on Royal Mail’s new postage guide and weighed less than 100g, (thus qualifying as a small letter) she was charged 44p (large letter rate) not 32p.

It would seem the post office doesn’t even understand the new rules.

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Royal Mail’s New Prices

August 21st, 2006 No comments

Royal MailFrom today, the cost of sending a letter or packet in the UK is changing. Now I’m not getting involved in the reasons or justifications of this change, however, I can see it causing more than a few problems during the next few weeks.
There is much discussion about the lack of advertising regarding this change and that not all post offices are ready for it, but what happens from today for incorrectly stamped letters/parcels? Will the Royal Mail be applying surcharges to received post, or will it be returning it to the sender? What about those who don’t use the post office to send mail and choose to just go to a post box? I can see a lot of post being sent underpaid according to the new rules. Royal Mail say that “in the immediate post-introduction period Royal Mail will be flexible in terms of not surcharging customers who have underpaid postage”. Expect to get lots of cards through the door saying that the ‘local’ delivery office is holding an item of mail which requires payment due to underpaid postage.

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Linksys Router goes titsup

October 12th, 2005 No comments

I’ve had a Linksys WRT54G wireless router since 2003, but last Wednesday, it just died with no front panel lights.

The LED was still lit on the power pack, but nothing whatsoever from the router. I remembered reading somewhere that Linksys gear has a three year warranty, so I called the freephone number on the Linksys UK website. This connected through to the US, and although the line was bad, and the tech support guy’s accent was difficult to understand, he processed an RMA return. Unfortunately, I’m still waiting for an email telling me where to send the router for replacement.

In the meantime, expecting a long wait for a replacement, I ordered a new WRT54GS router from on Friday, which was despatched same day by Royal Mail ‘first class’, so you’d think I should have received it on Monday. Not so. It didn’t even come on Tuesday. It finally arrived today. Once again, Royal Mail have proved their inability to provide a decent service.

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Royal Mail – Again!

September 8th, 2004 No comments

Royal MailOrder from sent by Royal Mail ‘First Class’ on Monday afternoon.

It was daft to expect it on Tuesday I suppose, but it’s still not arrived today (Wednesday).

Royal Mail shouldn’t be allowed to call their service ‘First Class’ – I’m sure it contravenes the Trades Description Act.

UPDATE: it is now Thursday and still no sign.

UPDATE: Friday, and still no photos. This means that if they actually do turn up on Monday, it’ll be a week for supposed ‘First Class’ – watch this space.
Royal Mail are you listening? – You do not deserve to run a monopoly.

UPDATE: Not surprisingly, the photos didn’t arrive on Monday. I emailed Photobox, who apologised, and said they would reprint the order and despatch the same day.
Photobox shouldn’t have to apologise for Royal Mail. The reprinted order arrived today (Wednesday). The original order still hasn’t shown up.

Top marks for Photobox.
Minus 100 for Royal Mail.

UPDATE: The original order finally arrived on 1st October, almost a month late!