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Attaching a Canon E1 Strap (on a BG-E2N)

February 13th, 2011 No comments

I got a Canon E1 Hand Strap for my EOS-20D. Strangely, though, Canon doesn’t include any fitting instructions with the strap but a quick google shows that the instructions are in the BG-E2 battery grip instructions (as the strap can only be used with the battery grip). It was also apparent from the google search that many people have thrown the box (along with the instructions) away; I tend to keep all my equipment boxes (much to the annoyance of my good lady), so here are the relevant sections from the BG-E2 instructions:

English text

While the text is a bit sparse, the actual images are more helpful:

Instruction Images

As you can see from image 6, it is possible using the supplied 3-slot plate to also attach your original neck strap.

Neck and Hand Strap attached

Hope this helps anyone trying to fit the strap.