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What Price Remembrance?

November 15th, 2009 No comments

Horwich War MemorialJust been reading this article in the Bolton News regarding the war memorial here in Horwich. The names engraved on the side are in danger of becoming illegible due to weather erosion. The cost to fix this could be £9,000.

One thing struck me – the memorial was originally funded by a subscription from employees at the Loco Works and there are currently around 20,000 residents in Horwich. I know many of that number will be children, but even if half the residents gave a pound this could be sorted. I know some will say “We’ve already paid our council tax, let them pay for it” but that’s not the point.

Lest we forget

Blackrod Station sidelined again

November 14th, 2009 No comments

Blackrod StationAccording to the Bolton News, six railway station in Bolton have been identified by Network Rail as those most in need of improvement. Not surprisingly, once again, Blackrod station is missing from that list. (Full National list here)

Can someone please explain why Lostock station, which has both a ticket office and live train information screens, is on the list of six stations earmarked for improvements, when Blackrod with neither of these basic facilities is not? I’m not saying Lostock should not receive investment (particularly in reinstating the Wigan platforms short-sightedly removed in the past) but surely Blackrod station is in more need.

Given the lack of respect Blackrod station is given on the timetabled service, the cynic in me would guess that secretly Network Rail will be thinking “Why spend money on a station we’re trying to close down by reducing the service?”.

Network Rail are running a survey about station improvements. If you feel Blackrod (or an other station) deserves better, go to and make your views known.

Blackpool Illuminations 2009

November 1st, 2009 No comments
Blackpool Illuminations - four seasons
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