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Photobox ftp down again

PhotoboxPhotobox’s ftp upload service seems to be screwed again. It still lets you upload files, but whereas it normally creates a directory named ‘ftp uploads – dd_mm_yyyy’, it is not doing this and simply dumps the files in the root area, which does not appear in ‘My Albums’ and cannot be deleted either. These files also do not get logged in the photobox ‘uploads log’ .

A few hours later, the files in the root area disappear, presumably cleared out by some automatic script, but do not get moved into a sub folder as they should.

The same thing happened last November and was reported to Photobox, but took several days to get sorted.

Update (11/3)

I have just received a reply from Photobox:

Thanks for your email.
I’m afraid that we no longer offer uploads via FTP

What!!?? Since when? When did that happen? Why wasn’t I warned about this?

Strange then that their help pages still detail how to upload using ftp, even detailing which software to use. *

Also why is the ftp server (ftp.photobox.co.uk) still live and accepting logins?

It would appear that either: Photobox have pulled ftp uploads without warning, without closing down the server and without removing the associated webpages, in which case they are incompetent, or the email came from someone who doesn’t understand what ftp is. I’m hoping it is the latter.

* although they wrongly say that Mac users need to download a client when Mac OS X already has a perfectly workable ftp client built in.

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