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Joker.com update

November 28th, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

After further digging, it appears that this problem is a network issue:

A traceroute to one of my domain names which is set to use joker’s URL forwarding shows network unreachable:

traceroute to www.fitterfamily.info (, 64 hops max, 40 byte packets
1 gw.ukian.com ( 2.433 ms 6.152 ms 0.913 ms
2 ( 7.316 ms 8.956 ms 7.575 ms
3 oldh-t2cam1-a-ge-wan41-111.inet.ntl.com ( 9.723 ms 9.604 ms 7.438 ms
4 manc-t3core-1a-ge-012-0.inet.ntl.com ( 9.030 ms 7.921 ms 19.844 ms
5 man-bb-a-so-400-0.inet.ntl.com ( 15.392 ms 9.773 ms 83.317 ms
6 man-bb-b-ae0-0.inet.ntl.com ( 9.577 ms 9.725 ms 17.518 ms
7 win-bb-a-so-300-0.inet.ntl.com ( 14.528 ms 17.352 ms 109.244 ms
8 gfd-bb-b-so-500-0.inet.ntl.com ( 16.096 ms 26.540 ms 15.431 ms
9 so-2-0-0-bcr1.tsd.cw.net ( 16.516 ms !N 17.070 ms !N 17.225 ms !N

DNSStuff, netcraft and all-nettools all report either network or host unreachable.

Netcraft reports:

We could not get any results for your selected site. There can be a several reasons for this:

The host name you have selected is not valid, perhaps it was mistyped.
We could not contact it, and we do not have any cached information for it. This can be because there is no server running on that site yet, or because it is a new site and the DNS has not yet propagated to Netcraft. It can be also be because of a temporary routing problem from Netcraft to the site.

What’s more annoying is that Joker has failed to respond to my support query, and have no indication of a problem on their website.

I have more than 10 domains registered with Joker, and this is affecting all those set up for URL forwarding.

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