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Apple Mail shows BDT instead of BST

We recently changed to British Summer Time in the UK, but Apple Mail is showing the datetimestamp with ‘BDT’:
Screen Grab showing BDT
Now checking in System Preferences, clearly shows the timezone as BST and location UK.
Interestingly, changing the ”long” time format under international settings from ‘GMT’ to ‘Greenwich Mean Time’ makes mail display:
Screen Grab showing British Daylight Time
So it would appear that someone at Apple thinks we call it ‘British Daylight Time’. I’ve reported it as a bug, but I can’t see this being fixed any time soon. Now if it was a PST/PDT issue, that would be a different story.


I have received a reply from Apple, saying “After further investigation it has been determined that this is a known issue, which is currently being investigated by engineering.” Hmmm…

UPDATE: 24th July 2006

Still nothing from Apple, although I have found this bug report on the Common Locale Repository. The actual page showing the wrong data is here. (scroll down to No. 348). If Apple use this as their source, then this could be the reason for the error.

UPDATE: 13th March 2007

The Common Locale Repository appears to have been fixed, so it remains to be seen if Apple have picked up the changes. The Clocks go forward in a couple of weeks time, so we’ll see if Apple Mail shows the correct data. (Not surprisingly, they haven’t and Mail still shows BDT)

UPDATE: March 2009

I don’t know when they fixed it, but Leopard Mail is showing BST.

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