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Highways Agency lose end of M62

There was a multiple pile up this morning on the M62 between Junctions 6 and 4. Unfortunately, according to the map on the Highways Agency “Traffic England” website, this section of motorway does not seem to exist. As you can see from this screenshot, they’ve even had to put the warning triangle hovering over an apparently non-existent motorway:

The incorrect map

It also shows the M57 between junctions 1 and 2 as an A road (makes it look like part of the A5300) and the A5300 is shown as a stub. The correct map should look like this:

The fixed map

I have also taken a look around and according to this map the M65 only goes as far as junction 8. Junctions 9 through to 14 are missing. I’m sure the residents of Burnley, Nelson and Colne would disagree.

UPDATE: 26 Sept 2006

Noticed today that the M57 between junctions 1 and 2 is now correctly coloured blue. The M62 is still missing between 6 and 4 but it’s a start.

UPDATE: 15 Nov 2006

According to David Butler of the Highways Agency:

The reason these junctions do not appear is that they are maintained and repaired by the Local Authority – Liverpool City Council.

This means that the Highways Agency are unable to collect data for that section of Motorway , which in turn would provide the real time information for the Traffic England website.

But that doesn’t explain why the M62 between J4 and J6 is completely missing. Fair enough if they don’t have information to display, but they should at least show a greyed out road.

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