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Tiscali? Who’s that?

November 30th, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

TiscaliMy parents have Tiscali as their ISP. Recently they’ve had trouble connecting to Tiscali’s email server and have been blaming their router, but it happened while I was there today, so I did some quick checks.

The actual error they were getting was that Outlook Express was reporting that the Tiscali mail server pop.tiscali.co.uk could not be resolved. I checked a couple of websites and found that the internet connection was not down at all, it was just that pop.tiscali.co.uk was not resolving.

I added another DNS server to the search list and bingo – pop.tiscali.co.uk resolved and email worked again, so basically the fault was that Tiscali’s own DNS servers couldn’t resolve the address for their own email server – not a very impressive situation.

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