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Emergency Exit

October 24th, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

While browsing Thinkgeek, looking for some interesting stuff, (but remembering that those nice people at DHL will so kindly declare it to Customs and Excise for me and thereby double the price), I found this T-Shirt.

Reading further, I was amused to find that the Americans think that the green emergency exit symbol with the guy running towards the door was some quirky Japanese only thing. Below is the copy from the website:

If you’ve ever been to Japan, you’ve surely noticed the green Emergency Exit signs that adorn every door. This image is such a unique image of Japan that we thought we’d put it on a wacky T-shirt just for you. Universally recognizable by all Japanese, this unique shirt is sure to get you lots of attention!

Emergency ExitUnique image of Japan? I’m sure the entire population of Europe (who number more than the USA) would disagree. After all, it is the standard emergency exit symbol across the whole of Europe.

What’s annoying here is that the Americans think that everyone else is different, when this sign is an internationally accepted standard (except for the USA), but what do you expect from a nation that calls a national baseball competition “the world series”?

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