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A fault on a Crusader Condenser Dryer

I’m posting this in case it might help someone whose condenser tumble dryer has stopped working. Our seven year old Crusader* dryer developed a fault whereby it would run for a few minutes or seconds then stop. The water tank was not full and pressing and holding the start button would make it run, so this ruled out any safety cut-out (such as overtemp or door interlock) from being faulty.

Schrack RelayThere is a relay (Schrack part number RM505730) which latches in when the dryer starts. It was this that kept dropping out on its own.

The relay being the cause was reinforced by this forum post on a white goods site, so I ordered a replacement from RS (210-6661) and this fixed the problem, so for the sake of eight quid, we have a working dryer once more.

* Crusader is Comet’s own brand name and the dryer was identical to a Hotpoint and Zanussi model at the time of purchase, apart from the cosmetic front cover.

IMPORTANT: Do not attempt a repair (or even open the cover) unless you are competent to do so. IF IN DOUBT CONSULT A QUALIFIED PERSON. This information is posted entirely ‘as is’ for those who are curious. Your fault may not be related.

  1. Danny Madden
    September 7th, 2009 at 18:00 | #1
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    this sounds exactly like the problem I have, I will order one tonight and keep you posted if it works

    thanks for the info!

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