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An Odd Email from Amazon

We’ve all had the usual email from the likes of Amazon, getting you to buy some associated kit, but I recently got this one after buying some Canon printer paper. It proudly starts with “We hope you’ve been enjoying your recent purchase, and thought you might like to see a few accessories and service plans that will help you make the most of it.”

Amazon Email

Nothing surprising there, but it’s all back to front, basically saying: “We notice you bought some paper, would you like a printer to print onto that paper”. Why would I be buying the paper if I didn’t have the printer in the first place?

I think Amazon need to tweak the programming that produces these emails.

Update: April 2009

Amazon really don’t know what the Canon printer paper is; they’ve just sent me an email recommending that awful film “Mamma Mia” again because I purchased Canon printer paper:

Amazon Mamma Mia email
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