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Mozy Backup goes crazy

Mozy LogoI noticed this morning that something had been uploading data overnight. I saw that the Mozy Backup status icon showed it was still running, however, when I checked the status (see below), I was surprised to see that it had decided to try and back up 435GB of data! It is only supposed to back up around 9.3GB of data, so what the hell made it decide to to do that?

Mozy Trying to backup up everything

Unfortunately, I was unable to find out, because whenever I tried to run the Mozy config, it just sat there and locked up. I had to force-quit it, but something was still hammering the processor. A quick look using ipulse showed it was a process named ‘MozyBackup’. I killed it, but immediately it fired up again. Repeatedly killing it resulted in the same firing up. It was almost behaving like some kind of malware. I ended up rebooting, but it started hammering the processor again, so for the time being, I have had to uninstall Mozy.

Mozy for Mac is currently at and Mozy recently asked its users whether Mozy for Mac was ready for being called version 1. I think this sort of episode shows that they have some way to go.


Following Dan’s Comment below, I have now re-installed Mozy, and he is looking at the log files amongst others to diagnose the problem. I will post back here with the outcome.

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  1. November 22nd, 2010 at 02:56 | #1
    Using Safari Safari 533.18.5 on Mac OS X Mac OS X 10.6.5

    Thank so much for this! I’m on the plane now and just gained about 40% more time. PLEASE MOZY MAKE IT SO “OFF” MEANS “OFF.” or at least add a battery save mode.

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