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BT Broadband Advert Wireless Nonsense

February 27th, 2010 No comments

BTI take most TV adverts with a pinch of salt but BT’s current broadband advert contains a completely irrelevant claim. It claims that their service provides “unbeatable wireless speed” in the UK. This is the equivalent of your electricity provider claiming their electricity produces warmer light or your gas provider saying it heats your room more efficiently.

Which wireless router or access point (if I choose to actually use wireless) is up to the customer and will therefore determine the speed.

This claim obviously plays on the consumer broadband mentality that suggests you are tied to the router provided by the ISP. Even if BT’s router is wireless-n it would be foolish to choose your ISP based on the router they provide.

At any rate, a fantastic wireless speed is irrelevent if the connection provided by BT is only a fraction of that.

No Broadband or Slow Broadband?

May 26th, 2009 No comments

Cat 5 connection by kaeru.myIf you live in an area that has no broadband provision or you cannot get more than 2Mbps, then ThinkBroadband want to hear from you.

They are collating information for a coverage map showing the broadband ‘notspots’ in the UK.

Cat 5 picture by used under Creative Commons Licence

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