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Interesting multi-socket design, but is it needed?

September 25th, 2010 2 comments

Letout SocketHere’s an interesting design from Damjan Stanković (Relogik). What looks like a single European socket outlet transforms into five outlets at a press of the front.

Good design should satisfy a need, however, I don’t see one being satisfied here. While the design is undoubtedly elegant, it does not replace a multi-way trailing socket; this has to be professionally installed as part of the original electrical installation or as part of a rewire. In which case, I would just install additional sockets; single sockets should never be installed anyway where a double can be fitted. If, as is usually the case, the builder does want to cut corners and not install sufficient sockets, then he’s not going to bother with this either.

Even if it was installed where you would expect to have a higher than normal demand for socket outlets (behind the TV, or around a desk) I’d far rather have these plugged into proper sockets that are firmly attached to the wall, than have everything dangling precariously from this, especially as this type of arrangement always suffers from the problem of oversized plug-mounted transformer/chargers.

The whole thing also looks rather deep, and with the back box it would seem to be deeper than the thickness of a studded wall or the inner skin of a cavity wall.

Nice design, but simpler, better solutions already exist.

Click on the image for more pictures.

via Freshome

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