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HGVs Overtaking

August 18th, 2006 No comments

This morning on a 30 mile motorway journey, there were three separate occasions where unnecessary congestion was caused when traffic was forced over into the third lane due to HGVs overtaking other HGVs.

Now I appreciate that HGVs have just as much right to overtake as other vehicles but on each of these three occasions, the overtaking HGV was not making any progress past the other vehicle, meaning that it was needlessly blocking the second lane and should have moved back over into the first lane. In each case, the road was clear after passing this blockage; none of these instances was on a hill either.

German No HGV Overtaking Sign In this country we seem to accept this ridiculous situation, but the Germans have a much better idea on their Autobahns: On certain places such as steep inclines and during peak times, vehicles over 3.5 Tonnes are prohibited from overtaking. It works well and keeps the traffic flowing.

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Americans and Coffee

September 20th, 2005 No comments

What is it with Americans and coffee? A visitor from another planet watching American film and television would be led to believe that coffee was a class A drug.

They seem obsessive about how much they drink and how it should not be given to anyone under 21. Everyone who drinks it seems to be strangely affected. Is this the same coffee we drink in the UK, or does it have some other ingredient?

Day 7 without a TV

June 28th, 2005 No comments

Back in 1990, I purchased a Panasonic TX24-A1 24″ TV (along with an NV-F70 Video recorder). The TV served me well for 15 years until the sound started going on the right channel. Feeling that I’d had a good innings out of the TV, and sensing a long awaited excuse to upgrade to a widescreen model, I purchased a Panasonic TX32-PD50 in April from Sound and Vision in Farnworth, Bolton.

Now, only two months down the line, the TV has developed a fault. Read more…

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Microwave Table Rotation

January 2nd, 2005 No comments

Here’s a crazy thought: Since most cooking times on microwaves are in whole minutes, wouldn’t it be a great idea to make the rotation of the table tie in with whole minutes, so that at the end of the cooking time, the jug (or whatever container) is still facing the same way as when you put it in, instead of having to reach around the back of the oven to get to the handle.

The Blame Someone Else Culture

May 6th, 2004 No comments

Just seen one of the many ‘Accident Claim’ adverts where people get paid out for being stupid.

This guy was working off a ladder (Stupid Mistake Number 1) drilling the wall when the ladder slipped because it wasn’t footed or secured (Stupid Mistake Number 2). Yet this guy claims and gets paid out £7000! It was his fault on both counts, yet someone else pays him out for being stupid! Guess who that is – everyone else by paying increased insurance premiums.

How have we come to this culture of ‘somebody else’s fault’?

Why are people refusing to accept responsibility for their own actions (or inactions)?

Why don’t the courts throw these cases out with “It was your own stupid fault – you got what you deserved”?

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