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Quicken for Mac – if only

December 23rd, 2008 No comments

Over on TidBits, Glenn Fleishmann is complaining about Quicken for Mac not working with the latest bank interfaces. At least the US has a version of Quicken for the Mac.

Intuit never managed to release a version of Quicken for Mac in the UK before Intuit pulled Quicken out of the UK completely.

Intuit’s Lack of a UK Quicken for Mac

July 4th, 2004 No comments

I think it’s crap that Intuit can’t come up with a UK version of Quicken for Mac.

I am forced to keep an old PC running just for this software, yet once again, the US customers are catered for. It’s not exactly difficult to change a dollar sign to a pound sign. I’m not interested in any US specific tax stuff. I don’t need Quicken for that.