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BSM dump ‘unappealing’ Vauxhall Corsa

July 28th, 2009 No comments

Apparently, the driving school BSM is to replace its basic vehicle for learners – the Vauxhall Corsa – after signing a deal with Fiat. The reason given is that the first car purchased by 70% of learner drivers (mainly young women it would seem*) is the same model as they learned in, although I rather think the discount offered by Fiat had more to do with BSM’s decision.

How things have changed. I learned to drive in an Austin Metro and would have never even considered such an awful car.

* obviously young men can’t afford to drive as they are discriminated against by the insurers.

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Northern Ireland Insurance

March 28th, 2005 No comments

Here’s a question: Why do all insurance adverts have the small print at the bottom of the screen “Excludes Northern Ireland”?

What do people in Northern Ireland do for insurance?

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Halifax Home Insurance/Empire Commercial

October 29th, 2004 No comments

Here’s a tale of good service for a change…

Last week, I dropped my Digital Camera while it was in its case, and damaged the screen.

On Tuesday this week, I rang Halifax Insurance to claim for accidental damage. They said Empire Commercial (part of Empire Direct as it turns out) would contact me shortly, which they did. Empire asked me to send the camera to them.

I sent the camera on Wednesday. Early on Thursday morning, Empire called to say that they had inspected the camera and it was beyond economical repair, and they would be replacing it with a new one.

I received the camera today.

Well done Halifax and Empire!

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